GPON OLT SFP Transceiver UF‑GP‑B+


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GPON OLT SFP modules for UFiber OLT

Ubiquiti Networks offers UFiber GPON modules to increase the capacity of your UFiber OLT and connect your new customers quickly.

Models: UF‑GP‑B+, UF‑GP‑C+

BHD 60.00

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Up to 128 UF-Nano per OLT GPON Port

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Technical Specifications

Supported Media Single-Mode Fiber
Connector Type (1) SC/UPC
BiDi N/A
TX Wavelength 1490 nm
RX Wavelength 1310 nm
Tx power range 1.5 to 5 dBm
Rx power range -8 to -28 dBm
Downstream Data Rate 2.5 Gbps
Upstream Data Rate 1.25 Gbps
Cable Distance 20 km